Know your responsibilities when renting

When renting, little problems can turn into big problems if you are not aware of who is responsible for taking care of the issues that may arise.

As a tenant you are obliged to do the following:


Keep the property clean

Not cause damage to the premises

Inform the landlord ASAP if any damage is done or any required maintenance arises

Ask for the landlords permission to install fixtures or make alterations, renovations etc

Avoid causing a nuisance to neighbours

Do not initiate or participate in any illegal activities on the property


The landlord is obliged to:


Keep the premises in a state of good repair

Ensure the security of the property by making sure all doors have locks and windows are secure

Ensure that the property meets electrical compliance requirements

Avoid disturbing the tenant unnecessarily


Once you have signed a lease / tenancy agreement and paid a bond you should be provided with a Condition Report. This report records the condition of the property. Check this report carefully and immediately discuss any issues you may have with the landlord.

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